Steps to Get Started

AIM Care Model: Assess, Implement, Monitor

Why EverHome Care Advisors?

EverHome Care Advisors is a private Care Management Company which employs Aging and Health Professionals who possess the knowledge, skills, and expertise to help you make informed care decisions, access care, and guide you throughout the caregiving process. As Aging Life Care Professionals we will assist you in completing a comprehensive in-home assessment, develop a care plan based on what your needs and preferences are and help you navigate the Aging and Disabled Service and Health delivery system. Whether it is home care, acute care, acute rehabilitation/sub-acute care or long-term care, we know what your loved one’s rights are and will advocate on your behalf to ensure you receive the highest quality care. We can also assist you through the care and/or insurance appeal process in the event you feel your care is ending too soon.

In addition to providing High Touch Care Management Services, we offer innovative real-time technology solutions that assist you in managing your own care in the comfort of your own home via our wellness center. We also have a caregiver mobile app that keeps your family members and/or designated caregivers informed and in-touch in real time with you, so they know your care needs are being addressed. Additionally, the care app enables two-way video calling and telehealth physician connection in the event of an emergent issue so needs can be addressed immediately. Together, these services give caregivers the ability to have peace of mind knowing that you can access monitoring for your loved one whether you are at the office, out for the evening or out of town.  EverHome Care Advisors’ model is a future way of ensuring your loved one has a successful home living experience, regardless of their age or disability.


Steps To Get Started

EverHome Care Advisors take “AIM” to ensure client satisfaction via our Comprehensive Care Model.


Step One: Assess

  • Comprehensive in-home assessment
  • Review of client goals and concerns, now and for the future
  • Review of medical history, nutritional status, and medications
  • Assessment of the home and modifications to accommodate care
  • Development of personalized care options report
  • In-home technology and safety devices


Step Two: Implement

  • Implementation of the care options plan
  • Guidance through the selection of appropriate care and resources
  • Medicaid advocacy and asset protection planning
  • Attendance at medical appointments
  • Supervision of home care technology installation powered by VivaLynx
  • Caregiver training on technology
  • Plan review to ensure successful implementation


Step Three: Monitor

  • Easy-to-use technology to track real-time health and data
  • Monitor daily activities and respond to alerts
  • Information-sharing among family members, caregivers, and providers
  • Advocacy with health care providers and insurers
  • Updating of personalized care plans to meet client’s changing needs
  • Support for transition to other levels of care, if needed


By following the EverHome Care Advisors’ AIM Model, we help families respond to the difficult challenges caused by chronic illness or the aging of a loved one. Whether you are planning for the future or facing needs now, our EverHome team of experienced professionals can promote the health, independence, safety, and quality of life of seniors, all while guiding families through the maze of care options. Simply put, we take the complexity out of caregiving.

Contact us today to learn more about how EverHome Care Advisors can provide care support for your loved ones.