Steps To Get Started

Step One: Assess

  • Comprehensive in-home assessment
  • Review of client goals and concerns, now and for the future
  • Review of medical history, nutritional status, and medications
  • Assessment of the home and modifications to accommodate care
  • Development of personalized care options report
  • In-home technology and safety devices

Step Two: Implement

  • Implementation of the care options plan
  • Guidance through the selection of appropriate care and resources
  • Medicaid advocacy and asset protection planning
  • Attendance at medical appointments
  • Supervision of home care technology installation powered by VivaLynx
  • Caregiver training on easy-to-use technology platforms
  • Plan review to ensure successful implementation

Step Three: Monitor

  • Easy-to-use technology to track real-time health and data
  • Monitor daily activities and respond to alerts
  • Information-sharing among family members, caregivers, and providers
  • Advocacy with health care providers and insurers
  • Updating of personalized care plans to meet client’s changing needs
  • Support for transition to other levels of care, if needed