Health Insurance Carriers

As more insurance carriers are looking for methods and best practices to help their members and providers with chronic health problems, caregivers are turning to care managers to assist them in navigating the healthcare system. At the same time, providers seek to improve patient outcomes and improve their value-based results. It is estimated by 2050, that more than 21% of the elderly population will be over age 65, and a percentage of that population will be over 85 years of age, which means the elderly population needs methods to remain in their homes if they choose to be away from congregate settings.

It is critical to improve the healthcare delivery system in this country, and the lack of proper services and support for our elderly population. EverHome Care Advisors, with its Life Care Coordinator services coupled with technology, can help your organization to:

  • Lower health disparities
  • Expand health equity
  • Safeguard access to high-quality, socially competent care
  • Improve member satisfaction by having services that will allow the elderly population to age in place at home

How Can We Help your Providers?

EverHome Care Advisors, paired with a new proprietary application, delivers a suite of innovative virtual services designed to allow care recipients to remain in place and age safely in their own homes, with the support of assistive and advanced care coordination technologies. Our product and service model includes home safety monitoring and communication systems, emergency consult, assessment and triage with medication and medical care, biometric data entry, and other healthcare data management by providing:

  • Enhance care for patients Improve health for populations
  • Lower medical costs
  • Reduce delays in care and improve provider and member satisfaction.
  • Improve patients outcomes
  • Increase their value-based results