For Businesses Serving Seniors

What Are the Benefits of Your Business Partnering with EverHome Care Advisors?

Whether you are a Home Health Agency, Medical Provider, Elder Law Attorney, Insurer, or any business that services seniors or disabled clients, EverHome Care Advisors can provide:

A. Virtual Care Coordination Technology.

In today’s world there is an “app for almost everything.” EverHome Care Professionals incorporate innovative technology into senior’s plan of care. Our technology focuses on reducing social isolation, using sensor technology that alerts in real time to any crisis in the home and providing direct access to telehealth MD visits, if needed. We also teach caregivers how to use virtual care coordination application to assist in keeping all important care information at their fingertips. As an organization serving seniors, you can become a part of this exciting virtual community.

B. Legal, Finance and Insurance Planning

Our staff can help your organization’s clients access needed legal and financial services. The services assist in ensuring seniors and their caregivers that the appropriate legal documents are in place so caregivers can conduct their loved ones wishes and explore the financial options to pay for care. Additionally, our professionals have considerable expertise in the health arena and can provide advocacy and guidance to your senior population during an acute care event. The EverHome staff can ensure client hospital / rehabilitation patient rights are followed, assist with insurance denials, and handle appeals. We also help with filing long term care insurance and other claims, as needed.

C. Educational Presentations

Our professional team is well versed in age related issues and can address the impact caregiving has on families and employees. The mental health and well-being of caregivers and employees is critical, and providing guidance during the caregiving journey is our main goal. We have expertise in a wide variety of topics. Your needs can be tailored to your organization’s client population and/or your employee needs. For example, becoming a Caregiver, what you need to know, how to age in place, adopting wellness technology to remain independent, and dealing with social isolation.

D. Work Life Balance / Employees Are Caregivers

Many employees are unpaid caregivers and lose time from work due to trying to address their loved ones needs. Partnering with EverHome Care Advisors as your aging expert will improve your employee health, well-being and workplace productivity.

  • Our Mission at EverHome Care Advisors is to guide seniors and disabled adults, and their caregivers, in developing a plan that addresses all aspects of care.
  • Our staff includes RN’s, Social Workers, and other professionals who have considerable knowledge, skills and expertise in age-related and health matters. Our team members belong to the National Aging Life Care Association and are licensed and/or must have demonstrated competency through supervised experience within a specific profession, such as social work, nursing, or counseling. We help families navigate the difficult challenges of aging, support people with disabilities helping them to access essential services, and work collaboratively with a wide range of other service professionals.
  • Businesses that cater to seniors and the disabled have specific programs and services that are invaluable to families. Due to the multi-dimensional needs and specific scope of services required, not all needs can be addressed by one company or agency. That is exactly what separates us from other agencies. EverHome fills the gaps to coordinate all aspects of care for seniors.