Caregiving Solutions

Solving the puzzle of caregiving to provide the necessary care for a parent or loved one is never easy. That’s where we come in. We’re here to help you put the pieces together and connect you with the appropriate care to ensure their safety, and your peace of mind. We understand the struggle when the natural roles of parent and child reverse, and children become caretakers for aging parents. Unfortunately, there is no handbook or easy place to find all the resources that you’ll need. Adult children of aging parents and other caregivers are forced to scramble to fulfill the needs of their loved ones, and struggle to navigate a broken system.

EverHome will guide you through exploring the most appropriate care options and help you understand what payment options are available, including Medicare, Private Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance, Medicaid, Veteran’s benefits, and more. After a comprehensive assessment, we will design a care plan that is tailored to your needs. This will help you support your aging loved one with the appropriate care, by seamlessly coordinating services and addressing the many unending tasks in caregiving. We are your advocate, and will help relieve the daily stress in your life so you can maintain your health, relationships, job and peace of mind. EverHome Care Advisors currently serves clients in Upstate New York and beyond, depending upon individual circumstances.