Commonly Asked Questions Answered

How To Pay For In-Home Care? There are many ways to pay for in-home care. You can pay privately, engage with an agency, and there are options through Medicaid that can be explored. Although paying for in-home care services is hard and difficult, there is an option for everyone. At EverHome Care Advisors, a life […]

Client Testimony Videos | The Cappelletti’s

Meet Betsy and Papa and hear their story of how EverHome Care Advisor’s helped to keep the pair living safely at home while maintaining their normal routine. Their daughter, Susan, explains the benefits of EverHome’s technology and how the program has helped her feel at peace knowing she can keep an eye on her parents, […]

Client Testimony Videos | The Romano’s

Meet Licia and Kitty as you hear their story of how EverHome Care Advisors helped to keep 91 year old Kitty living independently at home. EverHome Care Advisors Aging Life Care Coordinators worked with Licia and Kitty to develop a care plan and implement easy to use technology in Kitty’s home to provide safety and […]