New Approaches In Uncertain Times

Caregivers need to think of new ways to provide consistent, safe quality care for loved ones, whether in the home or a senior facility. The COVID-19 crisis has created fears of infection and struggles with healthcare staffing shortages, while also increasing anxiety induced by being cut off from your loved one. Meanwhile, time is running out to secure Community Medicaid benefits before draconian new rules take effect October 1st. Through this free online webinar, take advantage of the opportunity to learn about new strategies to secure affordable care for whatever situation your family is facing. Join Elder law attorneys Louis Pierro and  Peter Strauss with Aging Life Care Coordinators Nora Baratto and Susan Vail for an informative and interactive discussion. Learn about:

  • How to get grandfathered in before Medicaid laws change on Oct. 1

  • Preserving life savings while unlocking benefits to pay for care

  • Knowing your rights in the nursing home

  • Assessing what’s best: In-home care vs. assisted living vs. skilled nursing

  • Telemedicine’s role in monitoring care and crisis (and other new technology)

  • Role of the Care Manager in navigating your new options

Click below to watch the presentation given by elder law attorneys Lou Pierro and Peter Strauss with EverHome care coordinators Nora Baratto and Susan Vail on August 6, 2020:

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