When and How to Start the Conversation of Care Planning

Young asian woman with older mother

The key to successfully and sustainably aging in place is to discuss long-term care plans early on and have a clear direction to follow. Talking with your loved ones before they are in a crisis will allow for a better understanding of their vision for their future. At EverHome Care Advisors, we understand that for some, this might be a topic you are unfamiliar with, or a difficult conversation to have. Set a time to start the conversation of care planning with your loved one by following our tips below.

When should you start the conversation of care planning?

Now! The best time to start the conversation of the future is now. Trying to create an effective plan while in crisis mode is unattainable and can lead to unnecessary nursing home visits and stays. Creating a care plan as soon as possible will ensure that you and your loved one feel comfortable and confident about their future.

How should you start the conversation of care planning?

Start the conversation in an understanding and comfortable tone. While talking about aging can be uncomfortable, let your loved one know that having a plan in place will alleviate stress for both you and them, and that your goal is to help keep them healthy, safe, and independent for the rest of their life. Be sure to start the conversation in private and somewhere they feel comfortable.

What does the conversation of care planning look like?

There is a lot of information that needs to be discussed when planning for your loved one’s future.  Insurance, financial status, home safety, preferred types of caregiving (family caregivers or professional), and more. Have some thoughts and options in mind about local resources that may be available to you. Keep the dialogue open and be sure to actively listen to your loved one’s thoughts and feelings. Remember to take notes, and continuously speak to your loved one about the plan as they age.

At EverHome Care Advisors, we understand that the process of care planning comes with an abundance of questions, and we are here to help with answers. Our mission is to ensure that seniors are equipped with everything they need to be able to age in place. Our care planning services are customized to ensure that your loved one will be getting the right care, at the right time, in the right place so they can continue to thrive. Call us to speak to one of our trained Life Care Coordinators about creating a care plan that you can implement today.