How to Find and Pay for In-home Care

nurse holding seniors arm, helping

As a caregiver for elderly parents or loved ones, there comes a time when in-home care becomes a necessity. Appropriate and effective care management can make all the difference in your loved one’s ability to age in place. Planning ahead for in-home care is a vital step in eliminating, or delaying, the need for a costly nursing home stay. At EverHome Care Advisors, our Life Care Coordinators work tirelessly to provide you with all the resources you need to make informed decisions about your loved ones needs.

You’ll first need to establish what level of care is required. It’s important to note that within the healthcare industry there is a significant distinction between Home Care and Home Health Care. Unfortunately, this means that costs related to care that are deemed non-medical, are typically not covered by insurance. To assure your loved one receives the most appropriate care, it’s important know and understand exactly the type of care your loved one can and should receive.

When beginning your search for a home care aid, be specific in what you are looking for. Make a detailed list of the daily tasks your loved one needs done or needs help with. Take note of import details you think the aid will need to assist with. For example, does your loved one need to be lifted? Do they need transportation and if so, will there be a vehicle provided?

For loved ones that require light medical care and need observation, companionship and help with daily tasks such as cleaning and cooking, personal are aides (PCAs), home health aides (HHA’s), or licensed nursing assistants are an optimal choice. These types of in-home care givers however are typically not covered by insurance and will have to be paid out of pocket.

For loved ones who require more substantial medical care such as infection monitoring, administering IV drugs, and operating medical equipment you would need a Skilled Nursing Provider or a Registered Nurse. This type of home nurse can potentially be covered under insurance. While covered, there are quite a few steps to take to receive this coverage, and insurance companies often leave you with more questions than answers.

How do you then find someone that is available? You can source a home care aide independently through websites such as or through a local staffing agency. These options come with both positive and negative attributes.

    1. Independent Care Provider

Pros: Finding an independent care provider can mean more flexibility and specificity as it relates to their skills, personality, and hourly rate.

Cons: All the paperwork, background check, and insurance is up to you! You are responsible to source and confirm all information and ensure that you have the proper paperwork. Finding the right candidate on your own can be an incredibly time-consuming process, taking days or sometimes weeks.

2. Homecare Agency

Pros: An agency offers you many positive benefits including, background checks, screenings, referrals, and client histories. A replacement can be easily found if your caregiver is sick and calls out. You pay the caregiver directly through the agency eliminating the need for you to get insurance or draw up personal contracts.

Cons: Pricing will be higher through an agency due to the additional benefits. Aides can change frequently and that may disrupt your loved one.

While each choice has its benefits and drawbacks, you are still left wondering which is the right choice for my family and how can I navigate all of this? With the ever-present thought of making the wrong decision, it’s time to lean on someone who can provide you with guidance and reassurance.

At EverHome Care Advisors, our mission is to provide caregiving solutions, care planning services, and health care advocacy to those in need. With decades of experience, and endless knowledge and resources, allow our team the privilege of helping you take the stress out of finding the right in-home care your loved one needs. We will source home aides for you and provide you with the information you need to make an informed and educated decision. We don’t stop there; we will be with you every step of the way to answer your questions and assist you however we can. Our team is passionate about changing the landscape of the healthcare world for the elderly and finding ways to allow them to remain aging safely in their home.